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Emily went home!!

Emily found the perfect home! She settled right in after some exploring! She loves her new dad and gets all the petsies and snuggles a girl could ask for!  And she has a big front window to watch the birds and all the goings on in front of her house!  We are so happy for Emily!!


Sugar is our first official rescue and adoption for Zoomies Animal Rescue!  This big ham came to us as an owner surrender when her elderly person could no longer care for her and her brother due to health concerns.  In no time at all, she won our hearts and made herself part of the Zoomies Crew!  Now she has a new brother to play and snuggle with on the couch with her new momma! 


Bruce is our first official feline adoption for Zoomies Animal Rescue! Bruce was found on the side of the road in Mississippi!  He was rescued and cared for and loved, but the resident dog was not sharing the love when he arrived in Philadelphia with his rescuers.  So Bruce came to us and we continued his care til he was fully vetted and ready! Super cute and smart kitten - full of adorbs and fun!! He has the best family now with human siblings that adore him! 

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